Kathryn  H.  Wilusz                      

 B.A.Psych.,M.Sc., Clinical Member AAMFT     

   Registered Member F.T.A.I, I.C.P.                   


Individual, Couples, Family Therapy                                                                       

        Consultation & Facilitation                                                                            

~Licensed Marital & Family Therapist~        

     17 Mallow Street, Limerick

Tel. (087)6334728 or (061)386500



Kathryn has been working as a Couples & Family Therapist for nearly 30 years. 

5 years post-Masters were in Massachusetts, working with a small team providing 

outreach Family Therapy and casework to families referred via the State social services 

department. Most of these clients had long-term severe multi-problems and often felt

unable to make any positive changes in their lives. There were consultations with medical, 

educative and even legal personnel.  It was a most challenging and rewarding post.

For these past 25 years, Kathryn has been in private practice, taking direct referrals from

clients or their GP or other professional resource.  She has a repertoire of interventions, 

utilizing whichever framework seems most appropriate; however, primarily works collaboratively

and systemically with her clients, with fairness, honesty,integrity and mutual respect.

Kathryn works with a range of difficulties as well as a range of "client-type".  She has a vast 

experience in addressing a huge variety of concerns.  Her professional insurance and vetting

enables her to meet with younger children and adolescents under 16 with the proviso that at

least one parent/parents will be part of the process. She also has met with elderly clients, 

coping with retirement concerns and marriage changes, facing chronic illness/disease, facing

anxiety/depression, etc. 


 Please feel free to ask more about Kathryn`s style, background, and/or training regarding 

this work.  In particular, should you wish to know more about how your own issues or dilemmas 

might be addressed or resolved, please make an initial consultative appointment so we can 

clearly talk about your concerns in more depth. 


  Please contact Kathryn directly at (087)6334728 or (061)386500