Clients may self-refer or have learned of this service from their respective Doctor,Solicitor,Educative or

HR Resources, or other psychotherapists/previous clients.


Over these past 25 years, Kathryn has provided service to various National/International Individual

companies via their Occupational Health department, local primary, secondary and tertiary level schools

and community groups in Limerick city and county, worked directly with prominent doctors and solicitors

in a number of Irish counties, provided crisis management as well as short-term therapeutic intervention

to Employee Assistance Programs in Ireland, the U.K., Canada and the U.S.A. 


"I would have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn  to anyone in need 

of individual, couple or family therapy.

She has worked with many of our employees over a number of years dealing with 

marital and family issues, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Her professional approach and confidential service guaranteed success

and client satisfaction."

Mary Noonan,  EAP Co-ordinator  RusAl Aughinish


Individual Work and Personal/Family Crises-

"My experience of working in therapy with Kathryn Wilusz has been both widely beneficial and deeply

rewarding. I have had the opportunity to attend therapy sessions with Kathryn in times of personal 

crisis and also at times when I was keen to explore opportunities for emotional and psychological growth

and development in my life. In these very different circumstances, Kathryn`s many years of experience 

 as a family therapist and as a psychotherapist were absolutely invaluable."


 Couple Work, Clients`own words -

 "It is a very hard thing to do, to see a marriage councillor and to tell her the worst things about you and

your partner and your relationship. I'm sure in a very small way it's like been in AA and admitting you

have a problem. We were at the end of our road and instead of splitting we decided that we owed it to

our children and ourselves to give counselling a go and so we gave Kathryn our last chance to survive as

husband and wife. Kathryn allowed us to be honest and she allowed us fair time to say what each of us

wanted to be said. She never passed judgement or took sides or bothered with irrelevant comments that

couples would pass to each other. She isn't a fairy godmother with a magic wand that fixes your

marriage, you have to do that work yourself but she helps you along the way. Every time we had a

counselling session we would both cringe at the thoughts of it but afterwards when we were finished we

were much happier and glad that we went and stuck through it. I'm 33, my husband is 36 and we are 9

years married. We had 6 months counselling and thankfully we're still married. We still have arguments

but at least now we don't think about splitting up every time. Thanks Kathryn"





  Please contact Kathryn directly at (087)6334728 or (061)386500