Types of Work Available/Sessional Fees

Therapeutic Sessions (of approximately 60 minutes duration): 

         Individual - € 70.00

         Couple/Family - € 85.00-100.00

There is flexibility on the above rates. Please negotiate directly with Kathryn.  

There may be a therapeutic support feature via your HR department. As health plans

are so varied, please check with your own to see if there is any compensation/coverage. 

Access & Collaborative Work :  € 100.00 per session 

 Any supportive paperwork will incur an additional fee. 

                                                                                                                                                                            Cancellation Policy:  There is a full-fee charge unless 48 hours notice is given.

I do not charge for emergency cancellations (such as personal/child(ren)illness or bereavements)!                                              


Medico-Legal reports are an additional fee; usually, these are requested directly from your solicitor.                


Employee Assistance Programs, Consultation, Facilitation, Supervision and/or Workshops

may be directly negotiated with Kathryn.    






  Please contact Kathryn directly at (087)6334728 or (061)386500